Cold Email

6 Comments - December 17, 2020

One of the challenges email marketers face today is making sure their messages are actually being read. Emails are an integral part of modern day life, with over 206 billion messages sent every day. With so much correspondence flying around, it’s nearly impossible to predict whether yours will be opened or trashed. But if you …

12 Comments - February 19, 2021

Ping-ping-ping Hear that? That’s the sound of stale emails getting dropped into inboxes. Boring, right? Aaah! Ooooh! WOW! And that? That’s the sound of people reading emails with kick-ass signatures! Believe it or not: Email signatures have become a crucial part of our content arsenal! So now we have to ask ourselves: Is my email …

3 Comments - February 27, 2021

After I wrote a lengthy post about cold email, I got a number of people asking me: “Dmitry, can I use these examples for leads and prospects?” My answer was always the same: not quite. Cold emails are often different from conventional business messages. With the former, your main objective is to grab enough attention to …

No Comments - December 17, 2020

After many sleepless nights. after many declined party invites, and endless sales email drafts, something special came into this world. Your product! Your baby. That was actually the easy part. Next comes selling it. Ah selling. The 7-letter word that strikes terror into the hearts of many business owners. But you know who really has …

13 Comments - June 12, 2020

As a startup founder I know that all startups are desperate to grow fast and get noticed. We all want fast exposure and we don't have a lot of money to hire a PR firm or a lot of time to perfect our PR outreach approach. We just want influencers to spread the word about us and known publications to cover us. At JustReachOut we have over 2K+ paying customers (who are startups and entrepreneurs). When I speak with most of our customers there is one question all of them ask me most of the time

37 Comments - June 12, 2020

Let me ask you: Do you sign your emails with a '˜Cheers' or '˜Thanks'? Pffff. Boooring! You might say: "Who cares?" But think about it, do you want an easy way to leave an impression on your recipient? Sure, of course. Leaving an impression on my recipients and getting an emotional reaction out of them has not only helped me get responses but also won a ton of business for me. I went through a mental shift not long ago: treat every email not just as a way to communicate and get stuff done but also as a way to create certain feelings and get my audience to remember me.

27 Comments - June 12, 2020

I've been harping on and on about the importance of email in growing your business and your network. But in all this, I've left out one crucial detail: how do you actually find someone's email address? How hard can it possibly be to find email addresses?

68 Comments - July 10, 2020

People keep telling me that: email is dead. Stick a fork in email, within 5 years something else is going to replace it. I've heard this story too many times. I disagree. Email is not dead, it's just changing. Everything I've achieved in my career, I've achieved through cold email.