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I'll show you how I grew a startup from 0 to 40M+ pageviews and got acquired by Google.

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Hi, I'm Dmitry, what I did to scale a startup through SEO/PR and get acquired by Google is not black magic, I employed PR and SEO tactics which have worked for 100+ companies I've consulted over the last 10 years.

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Polar case

In 2012 I joined a startup to help them grow and scale. Since then 1 out of 449 internet users have used our service, we were acquired by Google in late 2014.

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  • Brian Dean

    Founder @
    If you want to learn PR from anyone on this earth, I'll would recommend Dmitry, the links are still coming in as a result of his work.
  • Noah Kagan

    Founder @ &
    Dmitry makes things happen, and even if you don't think things are going to happen he is still going to get it done! He really knows how to bring momentum to things and teach others how to do the same. If you're an entrepreneur I'd say you should get a little taste of this energy he brings to the table and pump some of that into your stomach to get it going for yourself.

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