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IndieHackers Instagram - Interview w/ Dmitry Dragilev: If you don’t have to work a 9-to-5, don’t do it. I work half a day...  

IndieHackers - Interview w/ Dmitry Dragilev: If you don’t have to work a 9-to-5, don’t do it. I work half a day...  

IndieHackers - Interview w/ Dmitry Dragilev: Bootstrapping a SaaS to Fill a Key Market Gap - How to Measure a Goal? (With Examples of Measurable Goals) - 10 Employee Engagement Ideas to Improve Teamwork - 10 Essential People Management Skills Every Manager Needs - 4 Types of Management Styles to Master to Become a Strong Leader - What Does Success Look Like? Revealed by 12 Highly Successful People - Customer service is the important 'middle-part' startups cannot overlook - 10 reasons why businesses need to get involved with their communities  

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New York Times — ZURBwired 2010 to Benefit One Lucky Non-Profit  

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New York Times — Get a Clue: What Do People Remember About Your Site?  

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GigaOM - Amazon Alexa Poised to Bring Natural Language Processing to Businesses  

GigaOM — 3 Collaboration Tools Startups Pick for Short-term Projects  

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ABC News — How Heinz Website Energized Food Pros  

AllThingsD — Opinion-Sharing App Startup Polar Raises $1.2 Million  

Engadget — Microsoft and Polar Show Their Vision of Companion Web  

Engadget — N2Acards to let Nook Tablet owners boot Jelly Bean  

Engadget — Nokia's Peter Skillman talks design priorities, gives us hope  

MacWorld — Polar the answer to all small daily dilemmas  

MacWorld — ZURB Launches Notable  

Gizmodo — Are Any of These 29 Decoy Yahoo! Logos Better Than the Original?  

Gizmodo — These Simple Tips Ensure You Don't Look Like Crap On A Webcam  

CNET News — Despite Google patent efforts, VP8 no shoo-in for Web video  

CNET News — Is Australia ready for streaming-video services?  

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CNET News — From feature to product the free-mium way  

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Read Write Web — Why Your App Design Doesn't Have To Be All Thumbs  

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Read Write Web — How To Build A Site That Looks Great On Every Screen  

Read Write Web — Spur Reveals The Subconscious Effects of Web Design  

Read Write Web — Axe Lets Tablet Users Scribble On Websites  

Read Write Web — Reel: An alternative to Slideshare and Prezi  

Read Write Web — New jQuery Plugin Lets You Quickly Prototype  

Read Write Web — ZURBwired 2011 Pulls An Annual All Nighter for RCS  

Read Write Web — Verify Helps Designers Test Ideas In Many Languages  

Read Write Web — Bounce Makes Giving Visual Feedback Easy  

Read Write Web — ZURB: Add Feedback to Code with Chop  

Read Write Web — ZURB Releases Android Stencils for Designers  

Read Write Web — ZURB's Notable Get's a Facelift  

Read Write Web — ZURBwired 2010 to Benefit One Lucky Non-Profit  

Read Write Web — Collaborative To-Do List Strike Makes it Easy to GTD  

Read Write Web — Verify Gives Designers a Toolkit for Testing Ideas  

Read Write Web — Get a Clue: What Do People Remember About Your Site?  

Venture Beat — Companion Web bridges the gap between desktop/tablet/phones  

Venture Beat — Unfreeze your mind — Polar melts ice caps of indecision  

Venture Beat — 80% of people stop watching HD video stream when it buffers  

Venture Beat — ZURB's Web design framework scales your site for any device  

Venture Beat — ZURBwired 2011 Pulls An Annual All Nighter for RCS  

Venture Beat — Notable relaunch Aims for Simplicity  

Venture Beat — Design firm ZURB puts your web interfaces to the test  

Venture Beat — ZURB gives entrepreneurs visible website feedback  

Venture Beat — What do your customers remember about websites?  

CBS News — A powerful free tool for sharing online presentations  

Treehugger — ZURBwired: A 24 Hour Design Marathon for One Lucky Non-Profit  

Techmeme – Jerry Yang’s Next Act: Startup Investor and Mentor  

Techmeme – Test your website before you build it! (First look at Zurb’s Verify)   

Techmeme – ZURB: Head of Design at Facebook on How Facebook Uses Data  

BNET – ZURBsoapbox: Tim Ferris’s Guide to Self-Promotion  

Download Squad – Verify lets you perform real-world usability testing  

Download Squad – Notable is a polished website feedback tool for teams  

Download Squad – Bounce is a dead-simple way to share notes on websites  

Download Squad – Clue helps you find out what’s memorable about your page  

Geek Wire – Microsoft lays out vision to link big and small screens  

The Unofficial Apple Weblog – Study: Public prefers iOS 7 system icons  

Intl Biz Times – Nearly 75% Of Gamers Prefer The PS4′s Dualshock 4 Controller  

Intl Biz Times – Microsoft might drop XBox One Price Polls Say  

Intl Biz Times – 80% Of Gamers Still Prefer PS4 If It Cost $400  

Intl Biz Times – Nearly 80% of Gamers Prefer PS4 over XBox One  

Intl Biz Times – Poll Shows Over 66% Prefer Yahoo’s Day Ten Logo Over The Original  

PCWorld – Editorial Review of Notable  

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PCWorld – Share Web Pages, Kindle Notes, and Books  

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