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5 Grow Hacks to Boost Your Followers & Blog Visitors

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Dmitry Dragilev Last updated on October 26, 2016 14 Comments

I have received a lot of emails lately asking me about the grow hacks I employ to boost traffic and followership. I found myself repeating myself a lot so I thought a nice short blog post is in order. So here are some of the most successful grow hacks I’ve used lately:

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1. Favoriting a Tweet to Get More Followers

The most valuable traffic to this very blog you are reading which I put up just about a week ago has been from Twitter. In fact visitors from Twitter spent an average of 5 minutes and 20 seconds on my last article 7 Steps for Do It Yourself PR. I got a lot of visitors from Reddit, Growthhackers.com and HackerNews but the ones that stuck around and read the whole article were from Twitter.

Naturally I thought I’d increase my Twitter followership. Working with clients I’ve been focused on their twitter accounts and not mine, so it’s time I get mine crankin’.

I’ve experimented with a lot of tools but one of the best ones lately has been FriendFeed which lets me specify which keywords I’d like it to search for in public tweets. Once it finds public tweets with these keywords the tool will let me manually favor those tweets from my Twitter profile. Folks who see me favoring their tweets follow me back. It’s very relevant and directed way of reaching out to folks who might be interested in your content. It works like a charm.

2. Make Lists of People on Twitter to Get Followers

I noticed this a little while back, if you make a Twitter list of people, they see that you added them to a list and will follow you if you provide relevant content to their interests. Since they do get an email form Twitter when you add them to a new list it works nice.

The folks from Tactics Cloud have created a perfect tool for anybody to make lists at scale, so now you can create a list of 5000 people (which is a max Twitter allowment for a list) in a matter of seconds. Here is how it works step by step. It’s dead simple and works like a charm.

Free Exclusive Download: Cheatsheet of 6 Growth Hacking Tools I Love

3. Use Outbrain to Drive Traffic To Your Blog Post

After you publish your blog post and tweet it out it’s pretty hard to get a lot of exposure. That’s where Outbrain comes in. These guys are killin’ it. They let you amplify your content across hundreds of millions of properties and it works really well. All you do is add a link of the blog post you’d like to promote. You specify a budget (minimum is $10 a day) and a CPC (suggested is $0.35 per click) and you’re off!

Outbrain fronts up your blog post in relevant places across hudrends of millions of publications in the “From around the web” sections on publications. Outbrain works with everyone so big boys such as CNN, FastCompany, Time, CNBC as well as smaller ones will all display your article headline if it is relevant to the page content itself. The tool lets you specify multiple titles for the blog post you’d like to promote so you can optimize for the best one. It works like a charm, traffic starts to roll in right away.

4. Tip Reddit, HackerNews, StumbleUpon, Quora and GrowthHackers.com

I’ve been very pleasantly surprised with the amount of people who have visited my last blog post from Reddit, HackerNews and Growth Hackers. I got about 600 visits to my blog post from tipping my last article to Reddit. That said the traffic was not as valuable as my Twitter traffic, meaning they spent an average of 50 seconds on my article vs. 5 minutes, but still not bad! I try and tip all these sites when I put a blog post out, the most important part here is of course the title, the best article on the subject of picking a title is from Darren Rowe of ProBlogger. All these sites are a bit different in terms of rules and what they allow but I strongly urge you to experiment with them, they can help a lot if you’ve got hot content.

5. Write More Guest Posts

Tech blogs are always looking out for awesome new content. If you have some expertise and there is a market overlap – reach out to the blog and write an article for them. I suggestion writing the article first and then reaching out, blogs love proactive writers. If for some reason the blog declines you can offer your article to the next blog. AllTop gives you lists of hundreds of blogs for any topic. Worst case if nobody wants your guest article you can publish the post on your own blog. The upside is awesome SEO value and direct links to your blog, before anybody publishes your article they always include a link to your site in your bio.

So here they are, the hacks that have helped me recently. There is of course an endless number of these out there, I’m just listing the ones that have helped me here. Would love to hear ones that have helped others. If you have any to add, would love to hear from you.

P.S. Forgot to mention that advertising on Reddit works pretty well for getting quality traffic to read your blog posts and articles.

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14 thoughts on “5 Grow Hacks to Boost Your Followers & Blog Visitors

  1. reply

    Vlad Antohi

    I definitely tried the Twitter tricks – slingbot.co is awesome. Lots of impressions are needed to generate a conversion, but they do it all automatically so I can just sit back and let the targeted twitter followers roll in.

    Also a good point on quantity (Reddit, etc. 50 secs/visit) vs. quality (Twitter, 5 min/visit)

    • dmitry

      Thank Vlad. The quality of traffic for sure matters a lot. These is just my experience, for others it might be completely different.

  2. reply


    Nice!, Slingbot looks cool.

    I have been using roundteam.co for a while now. I usually do this before I launch a twitter account. It does the same thing but with retweets. I will launch an account called something like SalesTips and then let that account rack up the follows. Then,when I am ready to start promoting my sales product, I change the name and already have a pretty relevant audience.

    • dmitry

      Interesting… so roundteam.co lets others tweet on your behalf? How much time do you have to spend on monitoring tweets?

  3. reply


    0 time, since the bot is working on a new account, not my personal or a business account.

    They say that it let’s other tweet for you but what it really does is…
    Retweet specific hashtags, people, lists etc

    • dmitry

      Interesting, so it’s a new Twitter account you’re growing with this tool. And it’s ok if you start using roundteam.co on a brand new twitter account with 0 followers? Twitter does not shut you down? usually if they detect you are using some sort of automation tool right after you open up an account with them they’ll shut you down.

  4. reply

    Stuart @ Gleam.io

    Tried Reddit advertising quite a few times now, but I can’t get it to allocate me any impressions in the subreddits I want (business/startups/entrepreneur), seems like these ones in particular are always sold out.

    Any tips?

    • dmitry

      Hmm, that is odd, I’ve never had this problem and advertised in all three of these subreddits. Did you specify those subreddits specifically and they told you those are sold out? When did you try? I know Entrepreneur is crazy popular now, they upped the karma to 10 now to contribute. So it might be the case with that one but marketing and startups are not as bad and I’ve tipped very successfully to them so advertising should not be sold out. Did you try to up the CPC? If you can’t get it, make friends with old time Redditors who have enough karma and get them to tip!

  5. reply

    Justin McGill @ Workado

    Pretty handy little guide. I’m going to try out Tactics Cloud. Tweetganic also does the favoriting technique for free btw.

  6. reply


    Thanks so much for this post. This will help me with my team moving forward. Very insightful and most importantly low cost tips! Perfect. Thanks again!

  7. reply

    Mew da Vinci

    most bloggers said the same… to be a guest blog…
    but… can I get a guest blog too?

  8. reply

    Sheena Mathieson

    Great article! learned a lot and very easy to do! thank you for posting this 🙂 cheers!

  9. reply

    Rachel Allen

    Very nice article, Dmitry! You’ve mentioned favoriting tweets as a useful tactic to increase your Twitter followers, here at the office we use TweetFavy.com which does that automatically. You should give it a try!

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