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Jen Reddy

Marketing @ Communispace.com

I didn’t know what to expect when we started working with Dmitry five months ago. What exactly IS a growth hacker? And what could he do for us? To say he has been transformational for our business is an understatement. He pitches has pitched our stories to press and influencers and delivered results and opportunities we’ve been chasing for for years! He is a disruptive force of nature!

Luke Wroblewski

Product @ Google, Founder of Polar acquired by Google in 2014

Dmitry is a dynamo. He's been a critical part of our growth from product launch to acquisition by Google just a few years later. For each step of the way from idea to reaching millions of users, he has helped us shape our PR strategy and product direction, understand our customers, and relentlessly worked to move us forward. Without this lens into our user base, we'd be a lot less focused on what matters most.

Noah Kagan

Founder @ AppSumo.com & SumoMe.com

Dmitry makes things happen, and even if you don't think things are going to happen he is still going to get it done! He really knows how to bring momentum to things and teach others how to do the same. If you're an entrepreneur I'd say you should get a little taste of this energy he brings to the table and pump some of that into your stomach to get it going for yourself.

Ariane Fisher

Founder of WeddingMix

Ariane Fisher is the founder of WeddingMix and signed up for PRThatConverts coaching and JustReachOut software after striking out multiple times working with PR agencies. Ariane was featured in three large mainstream publications in the first two months working through the program and was even on homepage of Reddit!

Arthur Menard

CEO @ SpartanUnderwear.com

Arthur runs an underwear company in Paris and has never dreamed of getting press in United States until he signed up for PRThatConverts and put his learnings to use. After being covered in Mashable he received so much publicity that he is currently in the process of moving his company from France to U.S.

Brad Zomick

Head of Content @ Pipedrive.com

When we started working with Brad he needed an SEO analysis and a PR strategy to rank #1 on Google for a term most of his target market googled to look for his software. After an in depth analysis we settled on the keyword of “sales management”, our goal was to rank #1 for this highly competitive keyword. In a matter of a few months Brad wrote a blog post on his blog and implemented a PR strategy which helped him rank #1 and even outrank Wikipedia for his search term keyword.

Brian Dean

Founder @ Backlinko.com

If you want to learn PR from anyone on this earth, I'll would recommend Dmitry, the links are still coming in as a result of his work.

Martin Boddeker

Founder @ Findfocus.net

When Martin purchased PRThatConverts VIP he was hoping to get publicity for his software tool which he had just finished developing. He was a little bummed after watching the course because there seemed to be so many PR methods and he didn’t want to waste time on stuff which wouldn’t work for him. After our 1 on 1 call we decided Martin would use the Quora & Reddit PR tactics. In a matter of days, Martin’s answer on Quora received 1M+ views, his traffic on the site went from 0 to 25,000 uniques in a just a few weeks, and he received 500+ new customer leads.

Hiro Taylor

Founder @ Heropay.com

Hiro’s startup is in it’s early stages. They purchased PRThatConverts VIP to figure out how to get publicity and exposure for their brand through content marketing. A few weeks into the program Hiro, followed the strategy we outlined for him and submitted an article to FastCompany through an op-ed pitch. It was featured as the lead article on FastCompany’s homepage and remained the lead for 18 hours as it was tweeted to 2.2 million people. Here it is on the homepage. He received amazing publicity from this article. (Just a quick note… I’ve done PR for 10 years and written 1300+ articles. I have never achieved lead article placement for 18 hours on FastCompany.)

David James

Founder @ Businessgrowthdigitalmarketing.com

David purchased PRThatConverts because he had two problems: #1 he runs a marketing agency in UK and wanted to gain visibility to get more clients and #2 he wanted to help his current clients get more visibility for their own businesses. He took what he learned and implemented a PR strategy which now brings him a 300% increase in web traffic and twice as many consulting leads per day.

Tim Soulo

Head of Marketing @ AHrefs.com

Dmitry pushes your project forward no matter what obstacles you are facing personally or professionally, he is a force of nature and has surpassed all my expectations, I can't recommend him enough.

Adam Zais

CRO @ Wistia

In a matter of just a few months Dmitry helped us devise and execute a content PR strategy which 3x-ed our traffic, we built relationships with publications such as Mashable, Lifehacker, Forbes, Gizmodo and tons of others.

Matt Kelly

Partner @ ZURB.com

Not many folks knew our design firm when Dmitry started working with us. In a matter of a six months we became a major contributor to the top publications in our space including AListApart, SmashingMagazine, WebDesignerDepot, UXMagazine, Mashable, Forbes, TechCrunch, and tons of others. Our PR hacks have led to 50+ inquiries a day from prospective customers. Our domain authority from 20 to 85 as we 10X increased our website visitors.

Phong Ly

Founder @ iSeeCars.com

In a matter of nine months Dmitry helped us figure out a sustainable way to get continuous mentions in press everyday, as a result we were featured in 200+ publications during this timeframe including USAToday, ConsumerReports, WSJ, Forbes, Fortune, ABCNews, USNews, Cars.com. We 5X’d our daily traffic.

Igor Gladkoborodov

Founder @ Coub.com

When Dmitry started working with us we were a crazy popular startup in Russia but nobody knew of us in US. In a matter of 2 months he built a customized PR strategy and taught us how to execute it. As a result we built a relationship with USAToday, TIME, MarketWatch, Gawker, MSNBC and tons of others.We just closed a financing round and were accepted into YCombinator!