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Simon Sinek: Creating a Culture in Which We Want to Do Our Best

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Dmitry Dragilev Last updated on May 17, 2016 No Comments

This is not a typical growth hacking post, I decided to step away from that for a bit. I’m not going to write much for this post, all I will say is that I get about 150 emails a day and I tend to keep only two emails in my inbox, one of which has a link to this talk below by Simon Sinek on how to create a culture in which we all want to do out best and see others succeed. This is hard to do but without such culture nothing else matters, all of us fail, no matter how great our products are or how many users we have.

If you live under a rock and haven’t heard of Simon his TEDtalk which focused on his 1st book: Start With Why is the 3rd most viewed talk ever.

April of last year I was fortunate enough to be invited to Next Jump CEOTalk where Simon spoke and gave us a sneak peak to new material which is coming out in his 2nd book which is best summarized by Next Jump Folks:

When we are in the right conditions, human beings are naturally trusting and cooperative. Think about how after a natural disaster, people all rush in to help strangers. However, in the wrong conditions, we become cynical, paranoid and selfish. The best organizations create conditions in which we naturally work together and help each other, whereas the worst do the opposite. The best part is that these “best conditions,” seem to mimic the conditions in which we lived 50,000 years ago. Simon will explain what it takes to create a culture in which we want to do our best to see our colleagues succeed.

Without further ado, here is Simon’s talk:

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