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4 Awesome Email Sequences To Automate Sales Process

After many sleepless nights. after many declined party invites, something special came into this world. Your product! Your baby. That was actually the easy part. Next comes selling it. Ah selling. The 7-letter word that strikes terror into the hearts of many business owners. But you know who really has it tough? The Donald Drapers […]

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40 Awesome Email Pitches and Hacks I Use To Get Press

As a startup founder I know that all startups are desperate to grow fast and get noticed. We all want fast exposure and we don’t have a lot of money to hire a PR firm or a lot of time to perfect our PR outreach approach.

We just want influencers to spread the word about us and known publications to cover us.

At JustReachOut we have over 2K+ paying customers (who are startups and entrepreneurs). When I speak with most of our customers there is one question all of them ask me most of the time

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80 Powerful Email Endings To Make People Remember You

Let me ask you: Do you sign your emails with a ‘Cheers’ or ‘Thanks’? Pffff. Boooring!

You might say: “Who cares?”

But think about it, do you want an easy way to leave an impression on your recipient? Sure, of course.

Leaving an impression on my recipients and getting an emotional reaction out of them has not only helped me get responses but also won a ton of business for me.

I went through a mental shift not long ago: treat every email not just as a way to communicate and get stuff done but also as a way to create certain feelings and get my audience to remember me.

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5 Powerful Email PR Pitches That Actually Get Results

I answer about ~100 emails a day from our customers, I try to reply to as many as I can myself, I love to help folks one on one as much as I can. The most common question I get from entrepreneurs trying to pitch press is the following:

How do I make my pitch sound less pitchy? How do I stand out? How do I make a cool story out of this?

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7 Proven Ways to Grow Your Email List by 3x Every Month

This very blog you are reading right now did not exist in January 2015, today just 9 months later I have 5,700+ email subscribers. In this timespan I’ve made $100,000 in revenue off this blog alone. My email subscribers either bought my 1-1 coaching, my online course, or my products.

Bryan Harris (who used to coach me) also didn’t have a blog 18 months ago. He now has 10,000+ people subscribed to his blog. He recently launched an online course to his 10,000 subscribers, he made $220,750 in the following 10 days after the launch.

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5 Growth Hacks I used to Grow from Zero to 8-Figures in 18 Months

When I first met Amit Mehta he seemed like a humble easy going guy who is pretty good at affiliate marketing and copywriting. Little did I know this guy is an absolute bulldog when it comes to building real and sustainable businesses, he built a PPC online classroom business which made $6M in the first year of operation! He built another company called Boost to $12M in 18 months, the stories he has to tell are unbelievable.

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50 Growth Hacking Tools for Marketers At Startups

Young startups need to grow 30% year over year or they’ll die, while large corporations are happy with 5% annual growth. “Growth hacking” was a strange buzzword just a few years ago, now this term has become synonymous with most startup marketing tactics. I love how Sujan Patel defines it: Growth hacking is a mindset. […]

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6 Ways to Write an Epic Blog Post

A week ago I got the following email from a friend: Hey Dmitry- Hope the weather is getting warmer over there in Boston and you’re doing well. Have a question for you, we’re trying to get our blog crankin’ and are in need of figuring out how to create awesome content that engages with readers […]

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