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Startups are designed for astronomical growth, they aspire to grow at least 30 percent month over month while large companies are satisfied with just 5 percent year over year. Startup marketers must move the needle by 1000x or the startup will die. Traditional marketing does not work for startups. At Criminally Prolific we defy conventional wisdom, think analytically, outside the box, and employ a lot of creativity to significantly increase your company’s core metrics. Read more about our team.

What our clients say

"As a start-up with a consumer product, creating awareness about our company was priority 1, 2 and 3. Dmitry has been more than instrumental in helping us spread the word and build our brand in the marketplace, he has become a critical part of our team. His can-do attitude coupled with his persistence, creativity, and resourcefulness makes him a potent force. Most importantly, he has delivered results - results that have exceeded our expectations."
Phong Ly, CEO and Co-Founder of iSeeCars.com

"Dmitry is a dynamo. He's been a critical part of our growth from product launch to present day. For each step of the way from idea to reaching millions of users, he has helped us shape our product direction, understand our customers, and relentlessly worked to move us forward. He's constantly collecting first-hand feedback and insights from customers which have directly impacted all the strategic decisions we've made. Without this lens into our user base, we'd be a lot less focused on what matters most."
Luke Wroblewski, CEO and Co-Founder of Input Factory

"I didn't know what to expect when we started working with Dmitry five months ago. What exactly IS a growth hacker? And what could he really do for us? To say he has been transformational is an understatement. He is smart, tenacious, and dedicated to getting results for the clients he works with. He pushes us (even when we don't like it!) and has delivered us opportunities we've been chasing for years. He is a disruptive force of nature."
Jen Reddy, SVP, Global Marketing at Communispace Corp

"Working with Dmitry has been a pleasure. He has a great sense for the types of stories people actually want to read and the publications that may actually find those stories interesting."
Chris Savage, CEO and Co-Founder of Wistia

"As a marketer and publicity expert Dmitry is a force of nature. When I first met him his friendly smile and quiet voice had me wondering if he was up for the tough challenge of building a brand for us in a noisy marketplace. I couldn't have been more excited to see that he was anything but quiet. His consistent attention to detail and 'can-do' attitude are invaluable."
Richard Banfield, CEO and Founder of Fresh Tilled Soil

"I've authored 10 patents and been part of 6 successful start-ups but TRACTION is what propels a new venture forward. And Dmitry is a total animal when it comes to generating traction. He has the connections, savvy, and drive to help us move forward. He's been an essential member of our team during this pre-Seed phase."
Marc DeJohn, Lead Engineer, Biomeme, Inc.

"We brought Dmitry in to our startup to get some feedback on our platform, and then he turned our world up-side-down - in the best possible ways. He asked us the hard questions and made us re-think our onboarding approach. He helped guide us away from explaining "how it works" toward answering "why would a customer want to use this?" I would highly recommend Dmitry to anyone looking to maximize their customer engagement."
Jeff Flynn, Chief Technology Officer, Address Talk

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Meet the team

Meet the people who work day and night to get you the results you're looking for.

Dmitry Dragilev

Founder and Principal Growth Hacker

Dmitry has been using the web in unconventional ways to drive user acquisition for startups for nearly 8 years and loves every bit of it. He’s increased daily traffic from 30K to 5M+ page views a day for one startup in just a year, he increased daily traffic by 10X and Alexa from 90K to 6K in a few years for a design firm, he’s acquired 5M+ users in a few years while working with another startup.

Learn more about Dmitry.

Yusang Lee

Lead Product Strategist

Yusang is a digital-maven and disruptor of traditional thought processes. He specializes in combining his experience in the tech, startup, and media industries to growth hack brands and products using profound methods.

Amanda Andonian

Content Guru

Amanda is a writer, designer, and burgeoning developer.

Learn more about Amanda.

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50 Growth Hacking Tools for Marketers At Startups

Young startups have to grow at least 30% year over year to be able to capture the customers they need. Growth hacking has been one of the most talked-about terms in the startup marketing world. Here is how Sean Ellis (the guy who coined the term) defines it: For meaningful growth, startups must completely change […]

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How I Sold My App To 10 People Before I Wrote a Line of Code And Then Launched It

How many of you have seen this in your Google Analytics dashboard? Isn’t it depressing? If you’re reading my blog I’m sure you’ve seen this, you’ve felt the excitement of launching a product and the disappointment a day after when you lose all that traffic following the launch and you’re back to where you started. […]

How to Convert 97% of Visitors Who Do Not Fill Out The Contact Form

If you are running a SaaS or consulting business which relies on your prospective customers to fill out a contact form on your website in order to try your product or service you know that about 97% of people who visit your site end up leaving without filling the contact form. Some spend a LOT […]

6 Growth Hacking Tools I Love

I get this question a lot from startups: “What are the best growth hacking tools you use currently?” There are a lot of them out there and it’s easy to get lost trying to use all of them at once. I try not to use the tools for the sake of just browsing through interesting […]


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